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Understand your Horse – Blog 21 – The Legs

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

Understand your Horse – Part 21  Ihr Pferd verstehen – Teil 21 The Legs We finished last time by looking at the feelings, which the horse can convey with the language of his tail. The language of the legs is not …

Understand your Horse – Blog 20 – the Tail

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

Understand your Horse – Part 20  Ihr Pferd verstehen – Teil 20  The Tail In the last part we concluded the language of the horse’s neck – this leaves us to look at the expressions of the tail and his legs. …

Understand your Horse – Blog 02 – Awareness of signals

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

Understanding your horse – Part 02  Ihr Pferd verstehen – Teil 02 Awareness of signals sent Our last conversation example: In the last Blog I told you about a conversation between my horses and myself, into which we must now …

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