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Liberty – Freiheitsdressur – Blog 4: Understand your horse

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

What is liberty – Part 4 Freiheitsdressur – Teil 4 The more you know the more you will see: Only by learning more about your horses can you begin to see what they are saying to you – and you might …

Liberty – Freiheitsdressur – Blog 3: Body language, association, rank

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

  What is liberty – Part 3 Was ist Freiheitsdressur – Teil 3 Necessary knowledge to motivate your horse: You will learn to understand the difference between your logic (based on the needs of a predator and cemented in your genes) and …

Liberty – Freiheitsdressur – Blog 2: Know the science behind it!

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

What is liberty – Part 2 Was ist Freiheitsdressur – Teil 2 Playing in harmony: To attain harmonious friendship, affection is not enough! A deeper understanding of the horse’s nature is necessary: He has requirements, which must be fulfilled, before he is …

Liberty – Freiheitsdressur – Blog 1: What does it mean?

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

What is liberty- Part 1 and how does it enhance your relationship with your horse Freiheitsdressur – Teil 1 und wie verbessert sie Ihre Beziehung mit Ihrem Pferd?  The concept of liberty work: The idea of working a horse at liberty …

Blog 13 – Send & Call Games – Schicken & Rufen

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

Send & Call Games – Part 13 Schicken und Rufen – Teil 13 Although Send & Call Games are also first practiced on a rope, they are meant to be played at liberty once the trainer’s body language is clear …

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