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Party Games – Blog 03 – Dancing Waltz

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

Party Games : Dancing the Waltz – 03 Gesellschafts-spielchen : Walzertanzen – 03 In the last Blog we visited the Fast-Food together – so this time we have to lose a bit of weight. So we will go dancing! In …

Line Dance Blog 06: Move 14 and 15

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

  Continued:  Line Dance Blog # 6:   Fortsetzung: Last time we all ended up on the centre line facing North, after bringing them back with a sideways move, remember? Letztes Mal standen wir am Ende alle auf der Mittellinie …

Line Dance – Blog 01- Let’s go! First Move

Posted on by Jutta Wiemers

  Continued from introduction: Line Dance Blog # 1: Fortsetzung nach der Einleitung: Line Dance Blog # 1:    So here we start, slack ropes… 1) First move:  West-East:   Walk 8 steps Fw (forward) and 8 Bw (backward) on a …

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